Three ways to help you survive the rest of the 2020 Staycation summer holidays


We’re a few weeks into the summer holidays, and for a lot of us whose kids have been out of school since the start of lockdown, not much has changed. Maybe there are fewer battles about completing online schoolwork, but then maybe there’s also more battles about how many times a week it’s reasonable to ask for money for takeout.

Still, there are 3 long weeks ahead when the kids need to be kept busy whilst various attractions are closed or operating under limited capacity and hey, maybe you’re also working from home and already tired enough thanks. 

You know we like to be helpful, so we’ve put together this handy little guide to keeping your cool in the heat wave / pandemic / whatever the heck is coming next summer holidays of 2020.

1. Staycation snacks

Eating has become the remaining routine during this pandemic. Whatever else happens, food happens. Our kids appear to need pre-snack snacks and second breakfasts these days. 

When our neighbourhood eateries first closed up, we found that some of the food we most missed was local food - for us that’s pasties, cream teas, and classic fish and chips (or their vegan counterparts for Tarot). Of course, we had a go at re-creating them at home, and now that things have opened again we have been tasting our home-made efforts alongside the takeout versions. 

Why not teach the kids how to make their own version of their favourite go-to takeout - it'll save them money once they leave home!

2. Home hot tub

Okay, hear us out. Maybe you can’t head to the spa or jet off to somewhere with a warm sea this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little luxury. 

Get some fluffy white robes and scented candles, make yourself a chill out playlist, and pretend you’re somewhere fabulous.

Looking for the perfect, eco friendly scented candle to accompany your summer evenings? Try our hand poured, soy wax candles with their relaxing lavender scent.

3. Campfire cooking

Camping stoves aren’t just for camping. Planning a meal cooked outdoors is a nice, chilled way to spend the day enjoying a local beauty spot.  As it’s blackberry season, you could even add some easy foraging to your outdoor feast. 

As a bonus, this stops the endless round of “what do you fancy for lunch?” that often accompanies days out. Just make sure you’ve got money for ice-cream later!

If you’d like more tips on camp cooking and outdoor living, take a look at our blog post on a low impact camping trips

summer holiday camping in the UK

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay safe - The So Close team.