Three ways to celebrate Father's Day for dads in isolation


Socially distant Fathers’ day for Dads over 70!

Like a lot of people over 70, my Dad has had to keep himself to himself during the corona pandemic. Sociable by nature, and still a proud member of the workforce, lockdown hasn’t come easy, which is why we’re planning to show him a little extra love on Father’s Day, June 21st.

During these tricky times, small celebrations take on a new significance. Putting aside a little extra time to call, figuring out a way to take some of our favourite activities online, and sending a little something in the post - all these things mean more when we can’t get together. 

Here are three ways that you can let Dad know he’s special on Father’s day, even if you can’t visit.


Make a slideshow of old photos

I don’t know about you, but our family photos are scattered across several households. There are pictures in my house that Dad rarely sees, not to mention all the digital shots sat in my iphoto library. Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to give them all an airing, and create a little video slideshow of happy memories.

If you don’t have a scanner for older photos, try snapping them on your phone to include in your collage. You can even include snaps of the kids artwork or messages to Grandad!

For those who aren’t a whiz on powerpoint, offers a free, simple slideshow maker complete with templates to make life easy.

Play an old favourite

Does Dad have a favourite card game or board game? Lots of old favourites are available to play online! Why not get together on video chat and open up a browser window to play a good old fashioned card game of go fish at, where you can play any game with a classic deck of cards. If board games are more his thing, pop to and browse the classic games category for inspiration. 

Make the occasion extra special by putting together a playlist of Dad’s favourite songs and sending nibbles so you can synchronise your snacking!

Forward looking presents

Everyone likes to have something to look forward to. A present that helps Dad look towards a brighter tomorrow is sure to lift his spirits. 

Whether it’s a “grow your own” gift set like our planters with seeds, a snazzy new shirt to wear when the family can get together again or something to share with the grandkids one day soon, show Dad that he’s not forgotten and is part of your plans for the future. &