Sustainable soy wax - hygge feels with a clear conscience.

candle making


As we head into the cooler months and the nights draw in, I find I’m ready for a few hygge moments. Warm drinks, comfort food and plenty of candles turn ordinary evenings into cosy ones. Line up a good boxset and a pug in your lap, and you have a recipe for a perfect Autumn evening.
With Tarot beginning his course on wildlife management this month, our household is more eco conscious than ever, and our cosy evenings-in often include his vegan bakes. Over the last year we’ve thought a lot about the new product lines we want to bring in, and how we can make them more sustainably, including our candle range.
One of the most important things for us is making sure that our gift products have a long and useful life. So many of our customers put thought and effort into warm or witty personalisations,  that we decided we wanted people to be able to keep our personalised ceramic candle jars after the candle had burned down.
Paraffin was out - old school candles are notoriously hard to clean away, and are made from petroleum based paraffin. Soy wax however is easily washed away with soap and water, and burns very cleanly. Our new candle pots can just be washed up with the dishes, and repurposed as pen holders or small planters.
Because soy is such a nice, clean wax we’ve felt happy pouring our own candles here in the studio, without our staff having to deal with the strong scent of traditional wax. To keep things natural, we just add a few drops of pure essential oil to scent our candles, and pouring them has become something I look forward to each week.
candle making
It takes a little bit of time to suspend the wick in the jar, heat and scent the wax, and slowly pour it in around the wick, but there’s something so relaxing and satisfying about watching the wax set, surrounded by the soft lavender and soy wax scent. Look out for our new pumpkin spiced scented candle especially for Autumn!
We’re hoping that the soy wax is one of many inspired ideas to come from Tarot’s eco passion, especially with him spending more time in nature.  If you’d like to follow what he’s up to, you can find him on TikTok as Naturesoclose
Wishing you all a September full of cosy moments,
Claire and the So Close team