How to escape into cottagecore romance this Valentine’s day



If you’ve found yourself dreaming of living a life full of simple and beautiful moments, connected with nature and the people you love, you may be drawn to the cottagecore movement. Laced with romance and nostalgia, cottagecore is about enjoying the best of the past but preserving modern values. 

We think a cottagecore style sets the perfect tone for Valentine’s day - Thoughtful, charming, uncommercialised, and with an appreciation for the moment. With that in mind, we’ve thought up a few ways for you to escape into cottagecore this Valentine’s day. 

Plan a February picnic 

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With the right clothes and the right attitude, you can create a charming cottagecore picnic that will melt your Valentine’s heart even on the coldest of February days. 

Layer up more than your clothes - layer your picnic blanket over a waterproof sheet and pile up extra cozy blankets for snuggling under together. You can even add a hot water bottle! Choose a classic gingham or white linen tablecloth and add traditional woven blankets or rugs to set the mood. A cute picnic basket or vintage style tin lunch box will add extra style.

Staying warm on a February picnic takes more than blankets and a nip from your hip flask! Why not plan some hot food and drinks? Baked potatoes will stay warm if you wrap them in layers of tea towels, and they taste great with chilli from a thermos. 

Hot drinks or soup in a flask are always a winner, but don’t forget you can also take a camping stove or kelly kettle to heat things through, or even fry up a little bacon for a special brunch sandwich! Raclette sets can be fun for an outdoor picnic. Easier to set up and clean than fondue, raclette sets use tea lights to melt cheese on a hot plate. Delicious on french bread or on your hot potatoes, especially with some country chutney from a cute jar.

If you’re planning a fire, check in advance that fires are allowed by whoever manages the land, and make sure you take a flask of water to douse the embers.

Don’t forget to ditch the plastic for a vintage feel! Everything looks cuter on tin plates, pretty china or wooden serving boards.

A few thoughtful extras can add some vintage vibes to your picnic - salt and pepper shakers, pretty napkins and napkin rings, and a posy of flowers all help set the tone. Whilst candelabra’s look romantic in pictures, the wind makes them impractical for winter picnics. Instead, consider storm lanterns or mason jars.

Other essentials for cold weather picnicking include tissues for cold noses, hand sanitiser, a bottle opener, and matches. You may also want a nice romantic playlist!

Craft your way to their heart 

cottage core Valentine crafting ideas


Home-made and heartfelt is a big part of the cottagecore movement. You don’t have to be skilled to create - here are a few ideas that are simple but full of thoughtfulness

Add a few handwritten lines of poetry in the front of a beautiful notebook! Whether you choose tried and tested love poems by the likes of Tennyson and Byron, or write your own special verse, take the time to write it out with care. Using a sepia fineliner or an old fashioned fountain pen will make your inscription even more special. If you’re planning ahead you could add pressed flowers between the pages of the notebook, lavender makes a wonderful scented bookmark.

Fresh herbs preserved in oil look gorgeous on the shelf and bring a little cottagecore decor to your home. Thyme, rosemary and bay leaves all work well. 

Sterilize a jar with boiling water, add your washed and dried herbs, and cover with good quality olive oil. Make sure the jar is well sealed. Mason jars are ideal, or you can seal a recycled jam jar with a disk of wax paper under the lid and use twine to secure the lid extra tight. 

Don’t forget to add an attractive label. Brown paper luggage labels can be tied on, or use a sticky label with your own illustrations on. Why not add a herb based or cooking pun - “I’ve had the thyme of my life”, “For cooking up a hot dish together” or “for my bay”.

If crafting isn’t for you, then customised is the next best thing; Opt for personalised gifts with meaningful messages and images. Our soy wax candles are thoughtfully made with environmentally friendly soy wax, and come in customised ceramic pots which can be personalised with words of your choice.

Sow the seeds of love 

Valentine gifts for garden lovers


Cottagecore of course includes plenty of plants! Connecting to nature and each other through growing things together is a lovely way to come closer together.

A fragrant windowsill herb garden is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you buy plants or seeds, you can enjoy caring for the plants together. 

Pots don’t have to be expensive - tin cans with drainage holes in the bottom work well, and can be brightened up with any leftover emulsion paint you might have lying around. Alternatively, our personalised ceramic plant pots are ideal for small potted herbs, and can include any message you like.

Add extra romance with personalised plant markers that include a romantic message. Painted pebbles, wooden lolly sticks or wine corks all work well. 

Why not write a little recipe sheet with recipes that include the herbs you’ve chosen? You could even start a new recipe book together, with blank pages to add new favourites you find to cook together. 

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s day, we hope that you find time for romance and togetherness.

Claire and the team x