Hello Autumn

There’s just so much to love about Autumn. The long shadows and golden light, the crispness of the air and the chance to indulge in some serious comfort food. While others are moaning about the end of summer and the sudden appearance of Christmas decorations in September, I’m smiling at the thought of cosy socks and warming foods.
These are just a few of the best and worst things about the “season of mellow fruitfulness”.
The best …
Toffee apples - It’s one of your 5 a day AND it’s food on a stick. What’s not to like?
Candlelight - Nothing makes a dark evening feel cosy like a few candles. Whether you opt for scented or plain, candles give you the chance to enjoy the flicker of firelight without actually dealing with the mess and faff of an open fire. I like to choose a selection of taller pillar candles mixed and matched with tea lights to create a pretty row of flames at different heights.
Cardigans - Buying knitwear is something of a seasonal obsession for me. Chunky knits in earthy shades make the end of summer totally worth it. Giant Sunday lunches can be consumed safe in the knowledge that this seasons rust coloured merino will hide a multitude of sins and still look adorably cosy, an all round win!
The worst …
Soggy gloves - A dry Autumn means campfires and crisp leaves and beautiful displays of colour. A wet one means a soggy slimy mass underfoot, wet socks and gloves, and Dads all over the country risking life and limb to light damp fireworks.
Pets + fireworks - Ah bonfire night, the time we all love to drag the kids to a display and enjoy a cosy evening of watching a smiling guy slowly burning to ash whilst onlookers cheer. What could be more fun? Well, something that’s definitely less fun is getting a small dog to take some doggy tranquillisers in order to prevent the poor pooch from having a heart attack once the fireworks set off. For an animal that will happily chew anything from cardboard to Christmas wreaths, our pug can be surprisingly reluctant to down a tranq hidden in a doggy treat. And that’s before we think about the delightful specimens of young adulthood who seem to enjoy nothing better than letting off fireworks on all the days that AREN’T November the 5th, I mean seriously - how are we supposed to plan for that?
Removing Halloween eye makeup - Who hasn’t spent an evening attempting the perfect cats eye for their sexy Halloween costume, only to wake the next day after one too many to find they look like Alice Cooper with pink eye?
Here’s hoping for a dry Autumn with plenty of opportunities to enjoy hot chocolate!
- Claire
Happy Autumn from So Close Studio