5 ways to include your dog this Christmas

Ah, Christmas - that season of goodwill and family festivities, a time for togetherness and warmth, joy on every face and a carol in every heart. That is, unless you have teenagers.
Now that the kids are older, Christmas doesn’t quite spark the enthusiasm it once did in the Close household. Gone are the days of excited 6am faces, adorable nativity plays and Christmas lists full of toys.
There are upsides of course - gone too the endless festive craft projects trailing glitter and the compulsory visit to a grotty grotto at the local shopping centre. These days Christmas lists are full of pricey electronics, and Christmas dinner is a battle to get said electronics put down for five blasted minutes.
Enter our dog. Luckily for us, Pip the pug is the very picture of enthusiasm at any time of year. With his big adorable eyes and perky playfulness, Pip can be relied upon to make us feel like the most adored people on earth. Plus, it only takes a slice of cucumber to have him snuffling in delight, no pricey electronics required!
In honour of our favourite little canine, we’ve put together this list of 5 ways to enjoy your dog at Christmas.
1.) Safety first
Most of us know that it’s a bad idea to let the dog chew the fairy lights, but did you know poinsettias and Christmas cacti are also toxic for them? Pine needles aren’t great either if they eat too many.
It’s a good idea to keep any super smelly gifts out of reach too - white musk soap might improve his breath, but is likely to play havoc with his digestion.
2.) Baking cookies
Have you ever baked dog cookies? These yummy treats also make great gifts for your dog owning friends.
This additive free recipe looks present worthy to us  https://maflingo.com/homemade-dog-biscuit-recipe/
3.) Sharing is caring
Fancy a gift you can enjoy together? We love this dog rocking chair from Paul Kweton that rocks you and your pet together. For a more budget friendly option, have a cuppa with your pawsome bestie with this cute little stacking tea set from IMM living - one for you and one for doggo! Just make sure the tea is cooled and served black, not more than one a day.

4.) Create a Christmas chill out zone
Christmas can be hectic for our animal pals. New people, new smells, and perhaps a bit of a crowd. Create a chill out zone for your dog with a comfy cushion, calming scents (Adaptil make calming scent plug ins especially for dogs) and of course a relaxing chew toy or treat.
Personalise his or her space with one of our “reserved for” cushions for an extra holiday treat!

5.) Treat yourself
Want to keep your dog with you always? From tiny  dachshund rings to pug face pendants in silver and gold, we love Vera Meat’s range of dog inspired jewellery.
A little bit out of your budget range? Super Socks will print your dogs face on socks just for you!