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Coming soon to So Close - A warm Christmas story about finding your place.
Here in the studio, we are getting quite excited about the launch of our first personalised book  “Dog-Cat and you at Christmas” by Tarot Close.
Dog-cat has been the nickname for our pug Pip since puppyhood. He’s a cute little ball of silky black fur with huge eyes, but not all his behaviours are very, well … dog-like. In fact, some of his more feline tendencies are what we love most about him; the way he seeks out a sun spot and lolls sideways into it, his lazy lap naps and of course his flat little face.
This got Tarot thinking about the divide between dog people and cat people. If we love Pip for his cat moments, there will surely be cat lovers out there who would adore him too! He developed some playful illustrations which captured the ambiguous nature of this one of a kind pug, and the idea for Dog-Cat was born.
Tarot set out to picture each scene in a way that would appeal to both boys and girls and help them celebrate the ways in which we are all special!
Told in rhyme, Dog-Cat and you at Christmas is the story of a little black pug who has no home at Christmas. He eventually finds rescue in the arms of an animal loving child - but will the cats in his new home accept a lonely dog?
With a warm message about acceptance and friendship, and charming illustrations on every page, this unique little tale is full of seasonal spirit.
The book is fully personalised - the “you” in the title can be any child’s name and each will be printed to order. The rescuer in the story will be named for your child, so they get to see their name throughout the book as they journey with Pip to a happy ending.
To celebrate the launch of our first personalised book, we are offering a Christmas decoration featuring Dog-Cat FREE to the first 30 people who pre-order at soclose.co.uk
We only have 30 of these aluminium decorations so click the link below to beat the Christmas rush and claim your free decoration.
You can follow the real life adventures and tag in your Christmas photos on Instagram at #AdventuresOfDogCat

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